Autism & Music Inclusion Virtual Fest 2021

Who We Are


Autism And Music (AnM) is a non-profit organization [501(c)3 certified] with a mission to help improve the quality of life of people with autism and similar special needs through the power of music. Since 2013, “AnM” has organized more than 60 inclusive activities and positively impacted more than 5,000 families around the world through its events and awareness campaigns. Our goal is to help build a more inclusive and friendly world for all. Throughout these years, Autism And Music has received the support of multiple artists and companies such as: Target, The Grammy Awards, Maná, Obie Bermudez, Nelson Bustamante among others.


Our vision is to open our AnM Sanctuary to offer music, art, and other fun classes to adults with autism and related special needs. A sanctuary full of nature, rescued animals, and fresh air where all participants will feel included, respected and understood. There are not enough places like this and it is vital to help build a more enriching future for them!


Autism And Music is hosting their first “Inclusion Fest” which will be a worldwide online concert where they will have the participation of various bands + special guests including musicians and guests with special needs.

The purpose of this event is to promote inclusion and create awareness for the future generations. Every day there are more families that have a member of their family with some special need. This type of platform will allow musicians of all abilities to showcase their talents in a safe environment and worldwide.

Join the movement. Get your ticket today!

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Event Detail

September 12, 2021 6:00 pm
September 12, 2021 11:00 pm


Autism & Music Foundation


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