The best ticketing platform for your event is an online ticketing platform that allows event creators to easily connect with their local Latin community. By bringing music lovers and event organizers together in one place, not only does give fans the ability to discover local events in their area, but we also provide event organizers with the tools they need to successfully create, manage, and promote their event.

Whether you are creating an event for an up-and-comer at an intimate coffee shop or an established superstar performing at a large Latin festival, is the ticketing service for you.

Create an event and sell with at absolutely no cost to you. A small service charge, one of the lowest in the industry, is automatically included and passed on to the ticket buyer directly. This is added to cover the costs of using

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Checks are sent daily so that there is not lag time between your event and that money in your pocket!!!

Marketing your event

Ticketering’s Smart Tools allow you to connect your event to various social media outlets, like Facebook and Twitter, increasing your event’s exposure and ticket sales.

Need a little extra support marketing your event? We’re here to help. We have years of experience setting up and promoting events specifically tailored to the community. Contact us to learn how we can help increase page views to your event through email blasts, featured promotion, partner networks, and more.